This most often involves Advantages

Finally remember that not everything describ in these articles is immiately available Implement. Many of these will take time and chances are you won’t get everything done. The world doesn’t end on Black Friday. If you don’t make it to your plans for the day remember the Christmas shopping rush is about to begin! If you have any questions please Feel free to leave a comment. Things to prepare for Black Friday. Part One For many sellers the hottest time of the year is undoubtly the period leading up to Christmas. The holiday shopping frenzy traditional and online is virtually It attracts everyone.

For many years the official start

The pre-Christmas craze has been the so-call Black Friday or South Africa Telegram Data Black Friday. Like many other fads this fad start in the Unit States many years ago and has become very popular around the world. event. Also in Poland. This year we will celebrate this day on the 1st of the month. It is not necessary to write how important this day is for all sellers despite the fact that this action lasts the whole weekend and the so-call Cyber ​​Monday. They Dust off the shelves order more items and count on profits sometimes several times higher than usual. This also applies to the e-commerce market which is worth almost 100 million zlotys this year.

Telegram Data

If you have an online store

Then in this article and the next two articles coming soon you’ll find the Switzerland Email List most important things that will help you prepare for the day. First I’ll focus on what to sell and how to sell it. Basically here’s the quote One day everything revolves around one rule sell as many items as possible in a short period of time. you have Optimal profits Where out-of-stock items have a chance of becoming a sales hit during a specific period. Of course the most important issue in each case is the appropriate inventory of a specific product. During this time there is no chance that you will run out of inventory.

The key is to fully understand and research

Therefore in addition to the traditional tools offer by the store newsletters promotions for your social mia consider using paid advertising and advertising. The use of these tools is cover in more detail in Advertising so I will not repeat it. This article can also contribute Help. Sponsor articles and word-of-mouth marketing on my blog. Analysis. What is most often forgotten after these actions especially when they are ultimately successful is an in-depth analysis of all the elements that make it up. So even in the beginning Beforehand it is also worth considering appropriate monitoring of activity so that we can safely draw appropriate conclusions later.

Keep an eye on your spending

All invoices and expenses should be record carefully so that Vietnam Telegram Data you can later answer the most important questions I earn Money or lost money? With the help of this information you can also prepare for subsequent similar campaigns. Or abandon them if they turn out to be unprofitable. Use the available tools. In addition to the statistics that may be provid by the store admin panel In addition it is definitely worth using the free ones. They will help measure the most important metrics of the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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This is mainly relat to traffic

The website users who perform plann actions and conversions. Marketing Automation. Many of the activities you will perform can of course be automat .There are Singapore Email List many professional solutions on the market that can help you solve this problem such as or but you can also do a lot yourself. your customer his behavior and interests so that you can He sends appropriate and most importantly automat messages. This mainly concerns email marketing that is all marketing and analytical activities relat to sending offers by email.

You can prevent some of these possible

This is useful for example when changing storage domains. Things to prepare for Black Friday. the third part. This is the final part in a series about Black Friday. You already know what to sell and how to sell it and why customer service and technical preparation are so important. In this entry you will find Information on how to promote the event and whether it deserves continu attention. Scenarios when problems arise. There is a saying that I often repeat to myself so as not to lose courage. As with inanimate things no matter how well prepar you are something will always go wrong.

Also it might be some kind

Cosmic rule that assumes that if something goes wrong it’s only USA Telegram Data if you make sure it doesn’t happen. This applies especially to these types of events. Therefore make every effort to anticipate such incidents and be prepar to respond. What problems might arise? Storage fail. There could be many reasons for this which is why it is so important to double-check everything I wrote in my previous article. There’s also nothing wrong with asking someone to help monitor the entire event. Yes there is an additional cost involv but if you really want to increase your turnover for the day it may not make sense to save money.

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The website runs very slowly

Most commonly it’s because the server can’t handle the traffic. Please contact your hosting provider and protect yourself appropriately. Some services allow smooth scaling Poland Email List of resources bas on current load. Human Factors. Human error is normal. They happen that’s it. Just stay calm don’t get nervous and don’t panic. Talk to your team plan everything carefully and don’t get out of hand. You will avoid unnecessary stress for yourself and your colleagues. In general be prepar for anything especially since as you can see problems in advance. noise. If your campaign does have traction you should create as much buzz around it as possible not just among your customers but among those who might become their customers.

Why tools were creat to turn ugly links

How does module testing change the links in the store to make them more user-friendly? For an online store to be friendly i.e. search engine friendly it must meet several important conditions. First it should be well describ in content i.e. have appropriate descriptions or keywords. I’ve written about this more than once on our blog such as here . There are also smaller nuances that unfortunately are often overlook but that prove to have just as big an impact on positioning. This includes for example the construction of links and more specifically the numbers contain within them. By default in point to product pages and category pages containing the numbers for those products or categories.

The engine developer’s goal

To ensure that links to products or categories are not duplicat. Google definitely prefers valuable content over numbers or unintelligible strings. The more understandable UK Telegram Data the content is the easier it is to remember and read correctly the better. This also applies to link building. And these especially in stores are not very clear. That’s  into good links.Beautiful URLs Simply put this module removes the URLs from products categories pages and supplier and manufacturer pages in the system and replaces them with the names of those products or categories etc. As you can see you can tell which subpage we are on by the address in the column.

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When there is only an identification

Number for the product or page at the end the link is essentially Mexico Email List meaningless to the average user. And Google’s philosophy is to make our lives easier. At least in theory. This module has other interesting features. It can automatically rirect the old address to the newly generat new address to avoid errors and importantly using rirects will not negatively affect the current website positioning.

Make switching between product variants

Furthermore the content plac there should firstly be describ in an easy-to-understand language so that even a layman can understand what he is buying without any problem and secondly it should be SEO-worthy. This is extremely important product photo. The takeaway here is clear that the larger and better the quality of your product photos the more familiar your customers will be with them. So think about it carefully and make sure you don’t end up sticking your hand in the potty. Provide storage space and if you use dropshipping make sure your supplier has enough storage space.

When building quality in your eyes

Product prices are clearly visible and the add to cart button is UAE Telegram Data eye-catching. Although this applies to all call-to-action buttons and key messages on the website. They should stand out from the rest color size so that users can perform the actions you expect without any problems. Navigation on product pages is clear and convenient. Since customers don’t like feeling lost on a store’s website try to avoid this. how? Add buttons on either side of the screen to take you to the next or previous product. Customers will be able to navigate between them faster. Insert a button to return to the homepage or category depending on where the user enter the product page.

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Add an additional button to scroll

The page from bottom to top. With this simple process you’ll be Brazil Email List able to get back to the top quickly and easily. This is especially useful when the product description is very broad or the category page has many articles. Easy and intuitive. The best way to do this is to focus on your target market Problems and nes. Once you have identifi these problems and nes you can start researching your competitors and understanding how to differentiate your product or service from others in the market.

The most important aspects of e-commerce

However the most important thing is that the whole thing should be continuously index in other words updat with add classifications. The most up-to-date and trustworthy information in the store. If you decide to publish some news on your website make sure you have the latest news from time to time. Information from a few years ago may make a customer think that the store is no longer open. This may prevent him from exploring further. It is worth considering that a A blog can either function as an independent blog or be separate from a so-call blog. News creation happens simultaneously. I’ve written about why I think it’s worth running a blog. Search filters are a very useful tool in stores with a large number of products with multiple attributes.

The basic version

A default filter module that does a great job of narrowing down Turkey Telegram Data search results. However there are paid solutions with more features and more itability. Such filters can be plac in any number and anywhere on the page. Widgets that connect your store and social mia are basically the foundation. Whether it slides out from the side of the page or as a static window. If you are active on any social networking site you should show it off. For some time now we have also start creating our own tools to improve the operations of our store front desk and its admin panel. I will describe these solutions soon as well. Annual e-commerce calendar. A very useful annual e-commerce calendar has just been launch on its marketplace.

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If you have an online store

That uses this engine you should receive information about it Thailand Email List via email. After entering this link just log in to your account or register if you don’t have one fill out a short form and download the final file with the calendar absolutely free of charge. What will you find in this page of documentation? Very useful stuff to help you plan events throughout the year while improving your store. Here’s what’s includ A general calendar with the most important events of the year which you can find on the first page. Some useful statistics on.

What do you need to do to succe

A series of tips and tricks to improve the functionality of your store suggests adding a useful module to each card representing a given month. Each month comes with a short list to help you plan the activities you will also receive. Admittly this was a very good move for Presta. I hope you find something useful there. If you ne help implementing any solutions for your store we’ll be happy to help. Good user experience practices. Purchasing Process. In the previous article about good user experience practices you can learn about activities worth implementing on product cards in online stores. In the text below you will find some information about one of the most important parts of an e-store namely the shopping basket and the purchase process.

There is no ne to write down

The fact that the process should be as transparent and clear as possible. Purchases should be quick and nothing should distract the user.  Here are some tips on the most Thailand Telegram Data important elements. Delivery costs. Of course at least according to customers it should be as low as possible. Even the latest study of e-commerce in Poland shows that this ratio is. If the cost is lower people will buy more. Well it should be about user experience. The most important thing here is to be transparent and don’t hide and don’t hide under any circumstances somewhere at the end of the order how much shipping will cost the customer.

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Many shopping carts are abandon

The customer is unsure of how much he will actually pay before Taiwan Email List completing the purchase. Therefore it is best to include this information in the first step of your shopping cart. Calls to action i.e. key buttons such as payment and order should be clearly visible and differentiat from other buttons. This can be achiev for example by enlarging the font or changing its color. Remember this should be immiately visible to the user.

Below you will find the link Log

It would be great if the shopping cart icon was clearly visible throughout the page so customers can return to shopping at any time. No registration requir to shop. This is basically the basis on which there should be no exceptions. Many customers simply don’t want to create an account and there’s no point in forcing them to do so. It’s understandable that you’d want to hold onto customers like this for longer but there are other ways to do it. For example encourage people to sign up for a newsletter. The registration process is short and easy. However if a customer wants to register with you make sure the process is smooth. You can use social networking sites or even phone numbers for this purpose.

We even discuss such solutions

On our tutorial channel.  in and register the store using dual authorization Taiwan Telegram Data with your phone number. Use social mia to log into your store. It is worth ensuring that only the necessary fields are fill in the form. Fields such as gender date of birth province or home phone number are often us and in fact most of the time sellers don’t ne them. The purchasing process should be mobile-friendly. Unfortunately this element is sometimes ignor when implementing version storage. This is actually the key question.

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It must work well on small screens

Be easy to click. Well he has to. Payment and Delivery Methods. All important information about your customers should be clearly visible on the website. In fact it’s Switzerland Email List already on the homepage. Also on the product card and in one step of the shopping basket the best place to start. It must also be in graphic form a logo and not just a slogan. The customer wants to be sure that the transaction he is about to make is safe. He knows the form of electronic payment and order delivery he will use. One page shopping cart.

One of the most important elements

I mention it last because it is still consider an option. In my opinion this should be standard. To clarify this is a shopping cart it is not a standard step but only a step-by-step presentation of the purchasing process. When referencing we always present it to clients for which it limits the flow to only one page and has dynamically load elements. This in turn means lower cart abandonment rates. We have test several modules and they work fine in the store when configur correctly. We discuss here the one currently us in various implementations. If you have other ideas for optimizing this element in your store I’m waiting for your suggestions in the comments.

Good user experience practices

Product page  of our online store pre-implementation work is bas on User Experience Perform detail analysis of the project. It’s all about planning the website design as Switzerland Telegram Data customer-orient as possible. Therefore customers should have positive feelings about the store’s brand and the products offer. Therefore it is extremely important to thoroughly examine the expectations of future users of your website. The same is true for specific industries. Through such analysis we can propose solutions that can significantly improve the functionality of the website and its overall reception.

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It’s safe to say that this applies

To basically every technical aspect of your store. From building the Singapore Email List homepage through the shopping cart and ordering process to the product pages. In addition to taking an individual approach for each industry we also apply a fix set of good UX practices that reference the elements mention above. Contrary to appearance they do not require the purchase of additional modules or any special modifications. Product Card Product information should be plac prominently along with the most important features and key functions. The idea is that customers don’t have to jump to subsequent tabs or scroll the page.

This is the last article in the series

This means that on the above mention date you are oblig to arrive at the company headquarters and cooperate with the inspector. Furthermore according to Art. Section 1. Pursuant to Article 1 of the Act on Freom of Economic Activity you are oblig to specify in writing the person authoriz to represent you during the examination and in particular during your absence. You are oblig to prepare all necessary documents relat to your company list in the attachment . Your absence may be deem to constitute an offense under Section 1. Section 1 of the Act Journal of the Law Issue 1 Item 2 as amend.

Audit and Inspection Department of Revenue

Massachusetts In fact the email’s title already suggests it may Sweden Telegram Data be fake. The content of the message itself actually made me laugh. Many errors dates in the future for example assuming that I could not be contact within a month and they encourag me to open the attachment. Many websites have written about this in recent days and of course the office itself has distanc itself from the content of the email . I would like to remind you to be very careful with such emails namely Check the email address in this case the message is sent from. If the tax office wants to contact you it will be through the official domain or as usual by letter Get in touch.

Telegram Data

Never click or open attachments in emails

That you think are suspicious. There’s a good chance malware is there. Also don’t reply to such emails it’s better to simply ignore and delete them. Good user experience Poland Email List practices. Store General improvements. on good user experience practices. In the previous entries you can read tips about product websites and purchasing processes. In this article I will describe all the other things that are difficult to classify into the two above. Activities like Floating Menu.

A well-known institution Tax Office

For this purpose notification modules etc. are us. How does it work? When a potential customer visits an online store where this module is install he will be ask if he would like to receive notifications from this module. Once consent is confirm the customer’s mobile browser will listen for notifications from the store. Your task is to determine what message content he will receive at the time you specify. This could be information about new products in the store promotions or competitions. In addition you can send individual subscribers information about the performance of their orders for example information about parcel shipments.

When such a message is sent

A push notification will appear on the phone screen in the form Spain Telegram Data of a system notification from the browser for example. Users can also add links to such apps to their phone screens giving them immiate access for example to their store account. Beware of fake emails from the tax office! A few days ago a rather disturbing email appear in my mailbox with a title that scream to me about the intention to initiate a financial audit.  appears in the From field. It later turn out that many people in Poland receiv such an email that day. This is what it says The tax bureau read out a notice of intention to initiate an audit on the day of the year. Unable to establish telephone contact due to day month and year.

Telegram Data

An the taxpayer was not found

At its register office on the day of the year. to determine the date to Philippine Email List initiate the inspection. The tax bureau sets the deadline for initiating an audit as day month year. point. At the same time the tax office notifi that according to Art. Year Month Day Act Article 1. Law Journal 2016 No. 1 Item 1 as amend Day Month and Day Act Sec. In accordance with the Law on Freom of Economic Activity Journal of Laws No. 1 No. 2 as amend control activities are carri out on the premises of the person under inspection or his authoriz person.

One of the more interesting solutions

These seemingly simple procures have a very positive impact on the user experience of your store. Personaliz graphic design and functionality tailor to the recipient. This is basically a no-brainer but in this case it will involve abandoning some fairly standard solutions. This includes integration with social mia which older people are likely not to use sophisticat promotions or loyalty programs. There’s also no point in offering too many payment or shipping options in my opinion. It must be very simple any such solution will only distract the customer. Module test notification. The importance of online stores keeping up with the latest mobile trends has been mention many times on our blog and channel. More and more people are shopping via their smartphones.

Fortunately e-commerce developers

Are aware of this and are providing more and more interesting South Africa Telegram Data tools to make life easier for sellers and buyers. we came across recently while looking for inspiration is certainly Progressive Apps. What’s this? In short it is a multi-platform application that works like a native mobile or desktop application. Its most important advantages are Able to run on any device smartphone tablet desktop and system Does not require an Internet connection it is launch like any other application for example just on the smartphone screen.

Telegram Data

One tap but it works much faster

You don’t have to download it it takes up much less space and uses Mexico Email List device features camera geolocation notifications gesture navigation. It’s said that this type of app will replace the various apps that many of us currently have on our phone screens for some time. Considering the advantages mention above this is not surprising at all. Market giants like Google who develop it and Microsoft have seen this. You can now find maps on and. From an e-commerce perspective it looks even more interesting as the existing tools available eg above can somehow transform your store into such an application.