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This means that on the above mention date you are oblig to arrive at the company headquarters and cooperate with the inspector. Furthermore according to Art. Section 1. Pursuant to Article 1 of the Act on Freom of Economic Activity you are oblig to specify in writing the person authoriz to represent you during the examination and in particular during your absence. You are oblig to prepare all necessary documents relat to your company list in the attachment . Your absence may be deem to constitute an offense under Section 1. Section 1 of the Act Journal of the Law Issue 1 Item 2 as amend.

Audit and Inspection Department of Revenue

Massachusetts In fact the email’s title already suggests it may Sweden Telegram Data be fake. The content of the message itself actually made me laugh. Many errors dates in the future for example assuming that I could not be contact within a month and they encourag me to open the attachment. Many websites have written about this in recent days and of course the office itself has distanc itself from the content of the email . I would like to remind you to be very careful with such emails namely Check the email address in this case the message is sent from. If the tax office wants to contact you it will be through the official domain or as usual by letter Get in touch.

Telegram Data

Never click or open attachments in emails

That you think are suspicious. There’s a good chance malware is there. Also don’t reply to such emails it’s better to simply ignore and delete them. Good user experience Poland Email List practices. Store General improvements. on good user experience practices. In the previous entries you can read tips about product websites and purchasing processes. In this article I will describe all the other things that are difficult to classify into the two above. Activities like Floating Menu.