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For this purpose notification modules etc. are us. How does it work? When a potential customer visits an online store where this module is install he will be ask if he would like to receive notifications from this module. Once consent is confirm the customer’s mobile browser will listen for notifications from the store. Your task is to determine what message content he will receive at the time you specify. This could be information about new products in the store promotions or competitions. In addition you can send individual subscribers information about the performance of their orders for example information about parcel shipments.

When such a message is sent

A push notification will appear on the phone screen in the form Spain Telegram Data of a system notification from the browser for example. Users can also add links to such apps to their phone screens giving them immiate access for example to their store account. Beware of fake emails from the tax office! A few days ago a rather disturbing email appear in my mailbox with a title that scream to me about the intention to initiate a financial audit.  appears in the From field. It later turn out that many people in Poland receiv such an email that day. This is what it says The tax bureau read out a notice of intention to initiate an audit on the day of the year. Unable to establish telephone contact due to day month and year.

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At its register office on the day of the year. to determine the date to Philippine Email List initiate the inspection. The tax bureau sets the deadline for initiating an audit as day month year. point. At the same time the tax office notifi that according to Art. Year Month Day Act Article 1. Law Journal 2016 No. 1 Item 1 as amend Day Month and Day Act Sec. In accordance with the Law on Freom of Economic Activity Journal of Laws No. 1 No. 2 as amend control activities are carri out on the premises of the person under inspection or his authoriz person.