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It would be great if the shopping cart icon was clearly visible throughout the page so customers can return to shopping at any time. No registration requir to shop. This is basically the basis on which there should be no exceptions. Many customers simply don’t want to create an account and there’s no point in forcing them to do so. It’s understandable that you’d want to hold onto customers like this for longer but there are other ways to do it. For example encourage people to sign up for a newsletter. The registration process is short and easy. However if a customer wants to register with you make sure the process is smooth. You can use social networking sites or even phone numbers for this purpose.

We even discuss such solutions

On our tutorial channel.  in and register the store using dual authorization Taiwan Telegram Data with your phone number. Use social mia to log into your store. It is worth ensuring that only the necessary fields are fill in the form. Fields such as gender date of birth province or home phone number are often us and in fact most of the time sellers don’t ne them. The purchasing process should be mobile-friendly. Unfortunately this element is sometimes ignor when implementing version storage. This is actually the key question.

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It must work well on small screens

Be easy to click. Well he has to. Payment and Delivery Methods. All important information about your customers should be clearly visible on the website. In fact it’s Switzerland Email List already on the homepage. Also on the product card and in one step of the shopping basket the best place to start. It must also be in graphic form a logo and not just a slogan. The customer wants to be sure that the transaction he is about to make is safe. He knows the form of electronic payment and order delivery he will use. One page shopping cart.