Writing Voice Add Color and Richness Without Making

Assuming you aren’t working on the next Waiting for Godot. You’ll work to make sure your meaning is easy to grasp. And assuming you aren’t editing Wikipedia, you’ll work to make it lively and fresh. But sometimes, well-meaning attempts to give your personal writing life end up producing content. That’s silly, trivial, cluttered, or condescending. Lively writing is wonderful. Paragraph after paragraph of glitter-filled, neon-rainbow unicorn vomit (without any knowledge of how to use a comma) is less wonderful. Even if you like sparkle (I do), you just need a little. Too much glitter always looks cheap. So let’s look at how to make your writing voice colorful and interesting … without making your audience sick to their stomachs.

A Warm and Personal Tone Is Good

Before we start, I want to be completely clear: I don’t get to dictate what works for your audience. I can show you some common blogging mistakes. But if your audience adores a type of tone in writing that I don’t like — their vote is the one that counts. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look Buy Bulk SMS Service at some of the contributors to unicorn vomit. Nearly any content (including B2B) benefits from a warm, individual writing voice. If you think about your professional life. You know that it’s possible to be absolutely professional and still be warm and likable. That’s the tone you’re after. No matter what kind of content you create or how many unique blog post ideas you have. Your audience is made of individual human beings.

Important Thing About Your Writing Voice

I like to think about having a coffee (or a glass of wine) with a friend and offering my explanation of the topic I’m writing about. I’ll include conversational asides as they make sense. But I’ll often go back and delete about half of them to write better content. Kindergarten cheerfulness is not so good. Things get ugly when we cross the line into Dora the Explorer territory. Forced, candy-colored cheerfulness will make your content look repetitive, lightweight, and grating. Please remember that Bank Email List your audience is made of adults. If you’re a member of Team Relentless Cheer, you might benefit from the following. Stick to one exclamation point per article. Zero would also be fine.