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Understanding consumer nes is key to success All sellers realize that there is no one-size-fits-all product. One product range cannot meet the nes of different customer groups. On the other hand there is no point in producing a product that is completely divorc from customer nes. Consumers shop for specific reasons they choose products that meet their nes. Therefore if you want to be successful in sales you ne to identify your customers’ nes. Only in this way can the seller adapt the product to the buyer’s individual nes. You must remember that satisfi customers often return to stores that meet their expectations. Existing Customer Analysis.

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Your customer nes is to carefully verify the people who have Malaysia Telegram Data made purchases from your e-store so far.  pool of information about existing customers. Its owners are able to check not only what type of product consumers choose but also whether more people choose more expensive or cheaper models. Verification in this area will allow sellers to determine whether customers care about higher quality products or just specific items. Important knowlge about customer nes is also important in the choice of product delivery form. For example Choosing a more expensive but faster express delivery is a sign that customers care about shorter order fulfillment times.

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Who opt for the possibility of collecting their parcels at cheaper parcel lockers or courier points may like the possibility of flexibly adapting the delivery to their daily schule it is Thailand Email List up to the customer to decide when he will collect his parcel. As you can see analyzing a database of existing customers can provide valuable information about the nes and expectations of your products and the standards of service provid by your store. Various tools that collect relevant data for example can be of great help in authenticating customers who visit your store.