Local SEO: How to promote your site

Local SEO: how many people are convinced that SEO optimization is ineffective in attracting people who plan to visit a workshop, office or store. However, IT company Golden Web hastens to assure you that local SEO optimization is an important marketing tool for the development of small local businesses, store chains, service companies, etc., the use of which allows you to find new opportunities and competitive advantages for growth.

Why should you pay attention to Google Business 

Google Business is the main tool for local promotion of sites. Therefore, which allows you to collect and manage Consumer Mobile Number Database information about the results of issuance and the place of your company in them.  On Google Maps, and collect user feedback. In other words, google my business is your company’s business card on the Internet. Therefore, which can be viewed by any user. Using your account allows you to post, add and update personal information.

Features to keep in mind when getting started with Google Business

Users of Google Maps can propose changes to information about the company, and the service, accordingly. Therefore, can approve Bank Email List them in the case. The of dozens of similar proposals from other users. Therefore, people who use the service on a permanent basis independently contribute to updating information and correcting its inaccuracies. At the same time, it is worth remembering that anyone can jokingly change information about a company. Therefore, for example, by specifying its wrong address or name, using several fake accounts. One of the latest vivid examples is the renaming of dozens of objects in the Russian Federation in honor of Ricardo Milos, a popular Internet meme hero. That is why we recommend periodically checking the data in your company’s card.