You can still teach English online

That this is an intensive course with 2 hours of tuition and more than 2 hours of preparation and self-study time. Get ready for a busy month and expect a steep learning curve. How do I get certifi? Meet the minimum requirements. First you ne to meet the minimum requirements to enter the course. This means you ne to be at least 12 years old. Although it is recommend that you be at least 12 years old, have a high school ucation or meet the standards or equivalent. If English is not your first language, have a minimum Level If you only have a high school degree or equivalent, please be aware that not having a degree may be a barrier to employment.

Likewise non-native speakers

Can have difficulties working in certain parts of the world due Belgium Telegram Data to visa requirements. But there is no ne to panic. without a degree and as a non-native speaker. Find a training center Find a training center Next you have to find an authoriz training center where you can take courses. This shouldn’t be too tricky as there are more than a dozen such companies around the world. If you want to teach offline in a specific country, it may be wise to take the exam in that country. BTW despite what some may say they didn’t get it at Cambridge. There is nothing to stop someone with a Cambridge degree from taking it but they are two different things. The Cambridge English Language Assessment is award just like the similar ones which are also accrit by Ding. This means that if you browse the list of training centers you will find that some training centers are language centers of universities.

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Applying for a course

You will also ne to apply for the course and gain admission. If your Australia Email List initial written application is successful the training center will send you a language awareness task to complete. If you pass the interview they will invite you for an interview. If you pass then you will get a place on the course. Can I do the certification online? Can I do the certification online? Yes. If you are interest in teaching English online you can also take the online version. You can even mix online and in-person learning. You can also find part-time versions.