Complete tutorial on how to activate ChatGPT

..Recently. many friends have the permission to upgrade their ChatGPT plus membership. but they encounter the problem of being unable to recharge. After a period of exploration. they found a method to recharge. and I would like to share it with you here. Complete tutorial on how to activate ChatGPT Plus membership and use GPT 4 To put it simply. OKX is the Hong Kong liste exchange Oeasy. and Depay is currently the leading virtual creit card institution. Activation process you nee to.

Register a ChatGPT account

(registration tutorial: ChatGPT registration tutorial (detaile guide) ) Scientific Internet environment (the environment in the Unite States or Europe is the best. Japan and South Korea are also good) iPhone users nee an Apple ID account in the US (non-Chinese area) The entire Decision Maker Email List issuance process is expecte to cost 150-210 RMB (depending on the type of card opening) 1. Get a virtual card and register Depay Since U.S. bank cards are require to recharge OpenAi. domestic dual-currency cards and full-currency cards cannot be use. I chose the Depay virtual card and real-name authentication (no problem with domestic number and identity). Registration is very simple. Just click on the official registration link below to register.

Use your email or mobile phone to register

(you can switch the language to Chinese after entering) Depay. Official registration link: Depay registration link After the. Account is successfully registere. you will be aske to download and install their APP. Apple phones. nee to log in to an overseas .Apple ID account . and Android Bank Email List phones. Can directly download. The apk and install it. ( note that such APPs must. Be downloade from the official website ). Wait patiently for the APP to be installe and log in to Depay with the account and password you just registere. After logging into the App and. Completing real-name authentication. click “Apply for Card” in the upper. Left corner. and then select the card type.

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