The first beta version was releas

Some are deletions errors and mistakes by their creators. and the comparison version was creat at the end of the year and has undergone significant changes and modifications throughout its life. In March version ceas to be support.  in early January and has since receiv recent updates. The last one at the time of writing happen at the end of this year and will be updat to version 1. What changes have occurr between versions? In what aspects is the version better than the version? ? What’s the real difference between them? Let’s check.

The comparison version

The platform is bas on a new technical solution framework which Italy Telegram Data determines the ne to build the store from scratch on the current framework. Moreover neither the version-adapt graphic templates nor some modules are compatible with the current version. The changes that have taken place in the software make it more user-friendly. The creators develop them in a way to make it easier for users to set up stores and extend and modify them according to business nes. On the other hand there are some programming difficulties such as significant differences between subversions or code compilation taking longer.

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This extends the time requir to implement

New versions. However in turn long wait times and more Taiwan Email List work during implementation are made up for by more readable templates more transparent code and easier store management. One of the key features introduc in the release is product pages. This option allows you to add and manage new products and product categories easily and quickly. The admin panel and modules sections have also receiv significant updates making these sections easier to manage and navigate. From the perspective of store owners and customers the main advantage of the new version is that store subpages load faster. This is thanks to the new template structure.