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A series of tips and tricks to improve the functionality of your store suggests adding a useful module to each card representing a given month. Each month comes with a short list to help you plan the activities you will also receive. Admittly this was a very good move for Presta. I hope you find something useful there. If you ne help implementing any solutions for your store we’ll be happy to help. Good user experience practices. Purchasing Process. In the previous article about good user experience practices you can learn about activities worth implementing on product cards in online stores. In the text below you will find some information about one of the most important parts of an e-store namely the shopping basket and the purchase process.

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The fact that the process should be as transparent and clear as possible. Purchases should be quick and nothing should distract the user.  Here are some tips on the most Thailand Telegram Data important elements. Delivery costs. Of course at least according to customers it should be as low as possible. Even the latest study of e-commerce in Poland shows that this ratio is. If the cost is lower people will buy more. Well it should be about user experience. The most important thing here is to be transparent and don’t hide and don’t hide under any circumstances somewhere at the end of the order how much shipping will cost the customer.

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The customer is unsure of how much he will actually pay before Taiwan Email List completing the purchase. Therefore it is best to include this information in the first step of your shopping cart. Calls to action i.e. key buttons such as payment and order should be clearly visible and differentiat from other buttons. This can be achiev for example by enlarging the font or changing its color. Remember this should be immiately visible to the user.