Your store may be the first store

So what can you do to make it easier for them to use it? Readability and font size. While poor eyesight is usually associat with older people truth be told the problem is now affecting younger people as well. Therefore it’s worth ensuring that the fonts on your website are clear large and contrast well with the background. Content should be evenly distribut not cramm into the smallest possible space. Important content such as store policies complaints and returns must be easy to find and clear to read. If the user has to accept something by checking a box such as any consent in a shopping basket then this should be very clear. No fine print links or other tricks.

The entire process

Adding a product a large visible buy button to registering or in Singapore Telegram Data principle there is no such obligation to completing the purchase easy payment also on delivery should be intuitive and as simple as possible. Single-page checkout baskets have become very popular recently limiting the purchasing process to one page rather than the traditional 10 steps and it’s worth considering implementing such a solution in your store. message. It’s best to provide information at key locations that explain what nes to be done there. For young internet users what was obvious to their parents or grandparents no longer has to be.

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They don’t like situations

That are unclear or ambiguous. If something nes to be mark somewhere Malaysia Email List you ne to clearly show them where it is. they visit. This also applies to error messages the familiar icon with a r cross comes in handy. Here or even messages about completing an operation correctly. A good friendly website where users won’t get lost. All you ne to do is highlight important locations and buttons with different colors or underline highlight the current location in the menu show a breadcrumb trail or even simply give the page a title.