This makes navigation in the store

This is a very interesting solution that simply sticks the menu to the top of the page so that it follows when you scroll down much easier. Clickable elements should be distinguish from non-clickable elements. Users should be able to easily find the all-important call-to-action button. Unfortunately this is not always kept in mind when designing a store. Change the view of products display on category pages .The idea is that when browsing assortments customers can choose how they are present. Some prefer it like tiles while others prefer it to be a standard list.

Full company details

Unfortunately many entrepreneurs Forgot that this is even Saudi Arabia Telegram Data regulat by the Consumer Rights Act. This information should be put on the website and at the latest when the consumer expresses his/her wish to be bound by the contract. For example the contact tab is perfect for this information For example Basic data identifying the entrepreneur data about the institution registering the commercial activity its registration number company operating address email address company phone number. Information about returns and withdrawal of contracts. If they are plac on dicat sub-pages on rather than hiding somewhere in the regulations as is often the case that would be best. They should be written in clear and understandable language. Search results.

Telegram Data

Store search engines

A very important tool that help customers quickly Find what he or Korea Email List she is looking for. It is better to suggest words after typing. The first few letters and think about the description or category not just the name. Of course it should also handle errors and misspellings. Special modules can also be includ in the results Display photos and prices of products and filter them by category or manufacturer.