This growth is on an annual basis

Preparation of new version modules for upgrading the store version was also mention. And that’s it in a nutshell. Multiple stores. import and export. further work on this. Price and tax calculation. Improv order page product page and admin panel. Installation is being process. The final update for the next update will be to complete the migration from to the framework. When this happens you can finally say with confidence that yes it’s worth starting your adventure with. It’s no secret that everyone has been waiting impatiently for this moment for which the complete port will bring new opportunities to the huge developer community.

As our programmers say programming

Be more efficient and more enjoyable after a complete transfer. Seniors in e-commerce or how to make your store senior-friendly. In the last report unfortunately it Russia Telegram Data disappear from their official website somewhere you can see that more and more senior citizens years and above are interest in online shopping.  Of course this is mostly about using the above websites when comparing products not actual purchases. If we add data from the Central Statistical Office in 2016 indicating that Poland has a population of more than 10000 people over the age of 10 and that information about netizens over the age of 10 use the Internet every day the conclusion is quite clear. More and more elderly people use the Internet and it can be consider that e-commerce is not unfamiliar to them.

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So is e-commerce ready for this audience

Yes and no. Today’s modern web design means minimalism simplicity and China Email List user orientation so in theory a website built this way shouldn’t cause problems for older people. The takeaway is obviously that your online store should be as clear and easy to use as possible. Unfortunately this is not always the case. This largely depends on the industry assortment and policies of the particular store. Additionally some technology solutions while functional and useful may be a bit difficult for some people. For example the elderly.