The developer plans for this year

To worry that no one will help you with the old software store. For example we have long provid support services for stores regardless of version. Well maybe except for those lower versions as it is inde prehistoric and should be updat. year plan.  and upcoming updates were also discuss. Currently the theoretical stable version of the new branch is. What is the focus of the next upcoming releases and ? These changes will mainly involve content in and content that was not present in the previous version so far. Edition price and tax optimization. Further international expansion. In other words we are waiting for further translation of the data in the repository to other countries. These include date format currency name or day of the week.

In practice this might mean

Example that modules will eventually be available in every language including Polish. Therefore they do not require basic translation for example we will no longer see expressions such as Polish zloty or Ship tomorrow Wnesday. Search Engine Optimization. New email template Qatar Telegram Data design. cuatomer feback. Facet search. To clarify this is a more advanc search with filters enrich with additional metadata from the product. Therefore it will be smoother and smarter removing the main limitation of normal search for this idea Taking the enter phrase literally.

Telegram Data

In practice this means

A typical search guide asks the following questions What do you want Canada Email List to do with your computer? As a result hesitant users will also be able to more easily find products with which they are not completely familiar e.g. they are unaware of the different configurations of a given product. This solution is mainly suitable for large stores with a large number of products place value. A streamlin version of the reinsurance module. This is about so-call security blocks i.e. adding blocks with links and images design to present pages describing various aspects of customer and shopping security e.g. refunds shipping rules secure payments.