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Interview with the CEO. E-commerce is such a popular industry today in fact if you have a great idea and the funds to implement it you can start selling online with relative ease. However it is useful to approach it wisely so as to try to avoid mistakes that can affect the success of such a business. As a certifi agency we’ve help dozens of entrepreneurs launch their own stores and I think we can safely say we’ve seen a few. Since we love sharing knowlge our team leader N agre to talk about this in a recent interview.

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On one of the local Silesian portals where we are from I would like to Poland Telegram Data recommend this link to you dear reader. Statistics and planning. At the end of the month the first international webinar was organiz for certification bodies from around the world. As one such institution we were able to hear last year’s summary and next year’s plans. Since our blog is mainly about this engine I decid to share the most important information with you. Statistics First a few numbers There are currently over ten thousand worldwide. Operate stores more than 10000 this year bas on this engine. One of the stores is set up in Europe.

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The largest markets with active

Stores are France Home Spain Home Italy and Poland Various. These Brazil Email List stores have a transaction volume of 100 million euros. It has been download more than 10000 times since the beginning of the year when it enter the market.  are fashion appliances and arts and entertainment. The engine now supports multiple languages. There are more than available. Modules and templates. Users in countries with more than certification authorities of which we are one ; have us version. This is an important thing. As you know it was announc that the version will be officially support until 2020. But that doesn’t mean that after this date it suddenly becomes unavailable and you have to switch to it immiately.