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We know exactly how many photos were compress and how much the photos weigh before and after compression. Although the weight of photos can vary up to 100% this does not affect their quality in any way. What’s more the module itself replaces the original photo with a compress one. Once we compress the difference in performance and page spe was noticeable and definitely measurable. We successfully ruc the size of one of the e-stores we support from . What else can you do with your photos to optimize page loading spe? Image compression is one of the most effective ways to spe up your website.

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Other good practices relat to adding photos to an online store or other Netherlands Telegram Data type of website. Remember not to insert a photo that is larger than requir. For example there is no reason to exce the resolution of product photos. pixels. Product cards do not ne such dimensions an image with a width of . Photos can also be compress before being put on the website. It makes sense as photos can be equipp with details we can’t see. For example they may include information such as when the photo was taken. Compression eliminates any rundant data that unnecessarily increases the image size. is a great tool that can help you lighten the load on your photos. as As an interactive agency we are taking the necessary steps to spe up the site by removing all unnecessary photos embd within it.

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A dozen photos to your product card. It is worth making a preliminary UK Email List selection to avoid overloading the page. Keep in mind that each subsequent photo will affect how long it takes for the page to load. Consumer nes and target groups  According to reports of Polish Internet users already shop online. The rapid development of the e-commerce industry and the accompanying increasingly fierce competition require online store owners to accurately meet the nes of customers. But how to define them and why is choosing a target group so important.