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In principle it should only be us when creating simple animations. Why is photo compression so important? When managing a website especially an online store we can use various types of photos. Unlike a commercial website an online store nes to be constantly adding lots of new photos. This is as new products are regularly add to the e-store’s offer. Our photos are usually sourc from suppliers and are of very high quality. If they are add without consideration it will result in the page never loading. this? Slow page loading can negatively impact many areas.

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These pages lower. So that translates into the whole positioning. On the other hand such a site leaves a bad impression on users who are more likely to leave the site. What tools enable efficient image compression? Agency we support e-stores operating in many Mexico Telegram Data environments. We successfully us the module which was adapt to the platform. By taking the burden off of photos we also relieve administrators and store owners of this obligation. Why did we choose this module? This is because when configur correctly it will work completely automatically. However to start compressing photos you ne to generate and configure a key.

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Access to the algorithms responsible for correct and optimal image USA Email List compression. basically any select group of photos products categories producers suppliers stores blogs other types of graphics any specifi folder or file locat on the server. Job automation is convenient for the usage it is bas on. This allows you to configure periodic photo compression for example once a week product photos add to the store by the system will be diet. An important feature of this feature is that photos once updat will not be compress again. We also have access to detail statistics on the activities perform by this module.