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Waiting for a line store to load and not being able to immiately browse the store or view offers can be annoying. Simply put this results in increas bounce rates. Seconds are still an extremely rare threshold. One of the key actions that should be taken is proper image management. They often determine how quickly a page loads. Google Page Spe after analyzing a website often shows that the biggest load on the site is photos. What are the most popular photo formats? Before we proce with compression it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the most popular photo formats on commercial websites and online stores Joint Photography Experts Group.

This is one of the most popular

Image formats on websites. Characteriz by their high quality Lebanon Telegram Data popular advantages include that they have a high level of rendering and allow for good compression. This set of formats includes the more modern variants that are often recommend. These are and. Portable Network Graphics but it’s impossible not to notice at least some differences. Advantages include no color restrictions and better compression characteristics. Let’s not forget that it has a channel which means it supports transparency. Images can be transparent partially transparent or completely opaque. Graphics Interchange Format A format that is long past the peak of its popularity but that doesn’t mean it’s completely forgotten today.

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The format supports transparency

Currently mainly us to create simple looping animations. for what? There are no clear criteria for choosing one format or another. However if you know the exact Taiwan Email List purpose of the file you can successfully choose the best option. If we want large photos product photos such as those receiv from suppliers or manufacturers to be lightweight and fast to load this format will be the best choice. Select if quality is important or we want to save diagrams logos illustrations in graphic form or require transparency.