Introducing the New Number Feature on Telegram

Telegram, the popular instant messaging app, has introduced an exciting new feature called “New Number.” This feature allows users to switch to a different phone number without losing their chat history, contacts, or groups. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the New Number feature on Telegram. How it enhances user convenience.

Seamless Phone Number Migration:

The New Number feature simplifies the process of changing phone numbers for Telegram users. In the past, users had to create a new account with a different number. Resulting in the loss of their existing chats and data. Now, with the New Number feature, users can Korea Telegram Number Data seamlessly migrate to a new number while retaining their chat history and other important information.

Preserving Chat History:

One of the significant advantages of the New Number feature is that it preserves users’ chat history. All messages, photos, and files associated with the old number will be seamlessly transferred to the new number, ensuring that users don’t lose valuable conversations or media.

Retaining Contacts and Groups:

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Changing phone numbers can often lead to the inconvenience of losing contact information and leaving groups. With the New Number feature, Telegram users can maintain their existing contacts and continue participating in the groups they were a part of with their old number.

Simple Setup Process:

Telegram has designed the New Number feature to be user-friendly and straightforward. When a user changes their phone number, the app will guide them through a few simple steps to ensure a smooth transition to the new number.

Increased User Privacy:

In addition to its convenience, the New Number feature also enhances user privacy. By enabling users to switch to a new number without creating a new account, Telegram reduces the risk of identity Bank Email List exposure and unauthorized access to previous conversations.

Limitations of the New Number Feature:

While the New Number feature is a valuable addition to Telegram’s functionality, there are certain limitations to be aware of. Users cannot switch to a number that is already associated with an existing Telegram account, and the feature is currently available only on the latest versions of the app.


The New Number feature on Telegram represents a significant improvement for users who need to change their phone numbers. As the app continues to evolve, users can look forward to more innovations that enhance their messaging experience.