One of the most important is to simplify platform

The programming aspect of the code changes caus some difficulties. They include Long code compilation times or significant differences in platform architecture between sub-versions of a version. This mainly result in a significantly longer implementation time for stores on the new sales platform. Changes to the code architecture require updating the store uploading new compatible templates and migrating all data from version to version. Migration can be perform using database commands or using specializ tools.

It is important to maintain

The same category and product link structure as this will allow Iraq Telegram Data you to maintain your current position in search engines and not ruce organic traffic. On the other hand the new version offers many benefits and advantages.  management. Thanks to this opening managing and expanding a store becomes easier faster and more intuitive and flexibly adapts to the nes of online store owners. The management of the store also helps improve the readability of templates and code thus facilitating the creation of tools modules and specializ solutions. It is also important to patch the many security holes and maintain coding standards that adapt to current and future requirements.

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The modernization of the code

Architecture and the implementation of many security improvement Singapore Email List solutions provide owners and end customers of platforms-bas stores with a higher level of security and protection against various hacker attacks. New Features Introduc in Product Pages An interesting and quite important new feature is the introduction of product pages. The solution makes it faster and easier to add new products and categories and fully manage them. It should also be not that the graphics templates and most of the modules and tools in Windows 10 are not compatible with Windows 10.