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Another way to log in securely is to use Remote Desktop. If before the pandemic we logg into the admin panel from a secure computer in the office this solution would have made sense. It’s certainly better to still think of it as an access point than to enter a password on your own home computer which is less secure. As a certifi agent we recommend different solutions. Among the many modules that increase security at every level and protect against various threats we have chosen the Dual Prime Backend Security module.

This module enables two-step

Verification during the login phase. Traditionally the first step is to Iran Telegram Data enter your login and password. of one-time tokens which are generat individually and sent to the smartphone each time. To use this module you must have the application. You can download it from the store or. Adding a security module to an existing store is not complicat and can be done at any time. Pairing the module with the mobile app only takes a few minutes. With the help of this solution you can log into the admin panel from anywhere in the world also via public networks. Is updating to version worth it? The latest version brings a lot of changes causing quite a stir in the industry.

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Code security and readability more difficult implementation and lack of Poland Email List template compatibility or to make store management easier. These are just some of the many features in the new version. Is it worth following these changes and updating to version? The main changes The most important change from the perspective of webmasters and their customers is that the platform is bas on a new framework which makes it impossible for stores to move to new versions while forcing developers to build stores on top of that version from scratch.