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Which advertising bag to choose for your communication

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How to Use the Twitter Algorithm

. National Geographic Instagram National Geographic Instagram People will unfollow you once they either see content that doesn’t relate to them or don’t see consistency in your focus. Keep these things in mind before you start uploading content. Furthermore, keep your professional page professional, and leave your personal or random photos for your private, non-business account.The growth of TikTok has been phenomenal. The user growth that they have achieved in only 4 years, took Facebook almost 7 years.

Marketing on TikTok is becoming a must-have for brands.

Marketing on TikTok is becoming a must-have for brands. Still we can see that the challenge for TikTok (as it was for Facebook and every other social media app) is to make the shift from attracting an audience to attracting enough advertisers to make it a sustainable business. After all, advertising makes the World Wide Web go round. According to a dataset collated by Wolfgang Digital, it’s evident that while spend on TikTok has increased by 800% YoY, it’s still only a fraction of the amount spent with Meta (5% to be precise). Advertiser adoption has been slow, but is accelerating rapidly.

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Wolfgang analysed TikTok performance over the last year to see exactly what the advertising opportunity is. Here, Brendan Almack and Roisin Linnie of Wolfgang Digital discuss the results they found from that analysis. TikTok is cheaper than its competitors The first opportunity is the cost. Since user growth is outpacing advertiser adoption, there’s a massive cost efficiency for those wanting to advertise on TikTok. Here’s how it compares to Meta (i.e. Facebook & Instagram): The Value of TikTok Advertising CPM, which is an indicator of reach, is considerably cheaper on TikTok. In fact, it costs 2.5 times more to reach the same number of people on Meta.