Your store may be the first store

So what can you do to make it easier for them to use it? Readability and font size. While poor eyesight is usually associat with older people truth be told the problem is now affecting younger people as well. Therefore it’s worth ensuring that the fonts on your website are clear large and contrast well with the background. Content should be evenly distribut not cramm into the smallest possible space. Important content such as store policies complaints and returns must be easy to find and clear to read. If the user has to accept something by checking a box such as any consent in a shopping basket then this should be very clear. No fine print links or other tricks.

The entire process

Adding a product a large visible buy button to registering or in Singapore Telegram Data principle there is no such obligation to completing the purchase easy payment also on delivery should be intuitive and as simple as possible. Single-page checkout baskets have become very popular recently limiting the purchasing process to one page rather than the traditional 10 steps and it’s worth considering implementing such a solution in your store. message. It’s best to provide information at key locations that explain what nes to be done there. For young internet users what was obvious to their parents or grandparents no longer has to be.

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They don’t like situations

That are unclear or ambiguous. If something nes to be mark somewhere Malaysia Email List you ne to clearly show them where it is. they visit. This also applies to error messages the familiar icon with a r cross comes in handy. Here or even messages about completing an operation correctly. A good friendly website where users won’t get lost. All you ne to do is highlight important locations and buttons with different colors or underline highlight the current location in the menu show a breadcrumb trail or even simply give the page a title.

This makes navigation in the store

This is a very interesting solution that simply sticks the menu to the top of the page so that it follows when you scroll down much easier. Clickable elements should be distinguish from non-clickable elements. Users should be able to easily find the all-important call-to-action button. Unfortunately this is not always kept in mind when designing a store. Change the view of products display on category pages .The idea is that when browsing assortments customers can choose how they are present. Some prefer it like tiles while others prefer it to be a standard list.

Full company details

Unfortunately many entrepreneurs Forgot that this is even Saudi Arabia Telegram Data regulat by the Consumer Rights Act. This information should be put on the website and at the latest when the consumer expresses his/her wish to be bound by the contract. For example the contact tab is perfect for this information For example Basic data identifying the entrepreneur data about the institution registering the commercial activity its registration number company operating address email address company phone number. Information about returns and withdrawal of contracts. If they are plac on dicat sub-pages on rather than hiding somewhere in the regulations as is often the case that would be best. They should be written in clear and understandable language. Search results.

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Store search engines

A very important tool that help customers quickly Find what he or Korea Email List she is looking for. It is better to suggest words after typing. The first few letters and think about the description or category not just the name. Of course it should also handle errors and misspellings. Special modules can also be includ in the results Display photos and prices of products and filter them by category or manufacturer.

This growth is on an annual basis

Preparation of new version modules for upgrading the store version was also mention. And that’s it in a nutshell. Multiple stores. import and export. further work on this. Price and tax calculation. Improv order page product page and admin panel. Installation is being process. The final update for the next update will be to complete the migration from to the framework. When this happens you can finally say with confidence that yes it’s worth starting your adventure with. It’s no secret that everyone has been waiting impatiently for this moment for which the complete port will bring new opportunities to the huge developer community.

As our programmers say programming

Be more efficient and more enjoyable after a complete transfer. Seniors in e-commerce or how to make your store senior-friendly. In the last report unfortunately it Russia Telegram Data disappear from their official website somewhere you can see that more and more senior citizens years and above are interest in online shopping.  Of course this is mostly about using the above websites when comparing products not actual purchases. If we add data from the Central Statistical Office in 2016 indicating that Poland has a population of more than 10000 people over the age of 10 and that information about netizens over the age of 10 use the Internet every day the conclusion is quite clear. More and more elderly people use the Internet and it can be consider that e-commerce is not unfamiliar to them.

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So is e-commerce ready for this audience

Yes and no. Today’s modern web design means minimalism simplicity and China Email List user orientation so in theory a website built this way shouldn’t cause problems for older people. The takeaway is obviously that your online store should be as clear and easy to use as possible. Unfortunately this is not always the case. This largely depends on the industry assortment and policies of the particular store. Additionally some technology solutions while functional and useful may be a bit difficult for some people. For example the elderly.

The developer plans for this year

To worry that no one will help you with the old software store. For example we have long provid support services for stores regardless of version. Well maybe except for those lower versions as it is inde prehistoric and should be updat. year plan.  and upcoming updates were also discuss. Currently the theoretical stable version of the new branch is. What is the focus of the next upcoming releases and ? These changes will mainly involve content in and content that was not present in the previous version so far. Edition price and tax optimization. Further international expansion. In other words we are waiting for further translation of the data in the repository to other countries. These include date format currency name or day of the week.

In practice this might mean

Example that modules will eventually be available in every language including Polish. Therefore they do not require basic translation for example we will no longer see expressions such as Polish zloty or Ship tomorrow Wnesday. Search Engine Optimization. New email template Qatar Telegram Data design. cuatomer feback. Facet search. To clarify this is a more advanc search with filters enrich with additional metadata from the product. Therefore it will be smoother and smarter removing the main limitation of normal search for this idea Taking the enter phrase literally.

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In practice this means

A typical search guide asks the following questions What do you want Canada Email List to do with your computer? As a result hesitant users will also be able to more easily find products with which they are not completely familiar e.g. they are unaware of the different configurations of a given product. This solution is mainly suitable for large stores with a large number of products place value. A streamlin version of the reinsurance module. This is about so-call security blocks i.e. adding blocks with links and images design to present pages describing various aspects of customer and shopping security e.g. refunds shipping rules secure payments.

The most popular e-store industries

Interview with the CEO. E-commerce is such a popular industry today in fact if you have a great idea and the funds to implement it you can start selling online with relative ease. However it is useful to approach it wisely so as to try to avoid mistakes that can affect the success of such a business. As a certifi agency we’ve help dozens of entrepreneurs launch their own stores and I think we can safely say we’ve seen a few. Since we love sharing knowlge our team leader N agre to talk about this in a recent interview.

Since this interview was publish

On one of the local Silesian portals where we are from I would like to Poland Telegram Data recommend this link to you dear reader. Statistics and planning. At the end of the month the first international webinar was organiz for certification bodies from around the world. As one such institution we were able to hear last year’s summary and next year’s plans. Since our blog is mainly about this engine I decid to share the most important information with you. Statistics First a few numbers There are currently over ten thousand worldwide. Operate stores more than 10000 this year bas on this engine. One of the stores is set up in Europe.

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The largest markets with active

Stores are France Home Spain Home Italy and Poland Various. These Brazil Email List stores have a transaction volume of 100 million euros. It has been download more than 10000 times since the beginning of the year when it enter the market.  are fashion appliances and arts and entertainment. The engine now supports multiple languages. There are more than available. Modules and templates. Users in countries with more than certification authorities of which we are one ; have us version. This is an important thing. As you know it was announc that the version will be officially support until 2020. But that doesn’t mean that after this date it suddenly becomes unavailable and you have to switch to it immiately.

The first step in identifying target groups

Target Group Characteristics Data  is to indicate the basic characteristics of the customers for whom the product is intend. These include so-call ideal customers by location gender and age. For example pointing out the age range of your customers and where they live urban rural is a valuable tip that allows you to tailor your offerings to this specific category of consumers. Of course the complete target group also includes other aspects including not only marital or material status but also interests political and religious views and even their goals and dreams.

Selecting a group of customers

On clear guidelines allows us to clearly identify what the nes of that group are and how the products we offer meet those nes. Does an online store owner ne to know more Philippines Telegram Data about his customers to achieve sales success? Of course to achieve this success he must be able to utilize this information appropriately. Century Sales Personalization Understanding customer nes is the basis for stores to effectively fight against huge competition. Owners compete with each other on increasingly innovative solutions.

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One of the current trends in customer

Service in the e-commerce industry is product personalization. An increasing Australia Email List number of online stores use so-call product configurators which enable customers to design specific items according to personal requirements such as changing shape color or functionality. According to research by consulting firm Deloitte such solutions can have a positive impact on sales levels customers are willing to wait longer if a product is fully personaliz. So let’s remember that by understanding the scope of our customers’ nes and some of the differences in their expectations we can give them the opportunity to build a set of features for their ideal product. How to open an online store.

Which must make the customer aware

The impact of demand on the products sold There is a key reason why it is important to study customer demand the products provid by sellers must be necessities for consumers. However are all the products offer by the online store necessary? While the ne for food or basic clothing doesn’t surprise anyone the ne for the latest smartphone models may raise serious suspicions. It all depends on the way a given product is present  of his nes and that the product will meet his expectations. What expectations can this smartphone meet? Of course a lot depends on the customer but it can be assum that smartphones will be an excellent communication channel for people who ne constant access to the Internet.

Additionally it will incorporate

Tools and applications that professionals use every day. And because New Zealand Telegram Data of its small size and light weight it will not cause too much burden on users. Understanding customer nes enables you to create product promotions in a way that meets specific requirements. Consumer nes and target groups In addition to the concept of consumer nes there is also the issue of target groups in store activities whether traditional or online. Although the two fields interpenetrate each other they cannot be treat interchangeably. Every seller should realize that one product can satisfy multiple customer nes.

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For some a smartphone may

Be the primary communication tool while for others it may be a Arabia Email List technology gadget. In order to fully tailor your product and its promotional methods to the nes of your key customers you must define your target group. Simply put the target group is a group of customers who are most likely to choose our products and have specific characteristics that the store owner wants to acquire. Narrowing down your potential customer pool not only allows you to optimize your promotions but also saves costs by ignoring consumers who are completely uninterest in the product category on offer.

What do they mean for e-commerce

We know exactly how many photos were compress and how much the photos weigh before and after compression. Although the weight of photos can vary up to 100% this does not affect their quality in any way. What’s more the module itself replaces the original photo with a compress one. Once we compress the difference in performance and page spe was noticeable and definitely measurable. We successfully ruc the size of one of the e-stores we support from . What else can you do with your photos to optimize page loading spe? Image compression is one of the most effective ways to spe up your website.

It’s also worth remembering

Other good practices relat to adding photos to an online store or other Netherlands Telegram Data type of website. Remember not to insert a photo that is larger than requir. For example there is no reason to exce the resolution of product photos. pixels. Product cards do not ne such dimensions an image with a width of . Photos can also be compress before being put on the website. It makes sense as photos can be equipp with details we can’t see. For example they may include information such as when the photo was taken. Compression eliminates any rundant data that unnecessarily increases the image size. is a great tool that can help you lighten the load on your photos. as As an interactive agency we are taking the necessary steps to spe up the site by removing all unnecessary photos embd within it.

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It’s not always necessary to add

A dozen photos to your product card. It is worth making a preliminary UK Email List selection to avoid overloading the page. Keep in mind that each subsequent photo will affect how long it takes for the page to load. Consumer nes and target groups  According to reports of Polish Internet users already shop online. The rapid development of the e-commerce industry and the accompanying increasingly fierce competition require online store owners to accurately meet the nes of customers. But how to define them and why is choosing a target group so important.

The module allows you to compress

In principle it should only be us when creating simple animations. Why is photo compression so important? When managing a website especially an online store we can use various types of photos. Unlike a commercial website an online store nes to be constantly adding lots of new photos. This is as new products are regularly add to the e-store’s offer. Our photos are usually sourc from suppliers and are of very high quality. If they are add without consideration it will result in the page never loading. this? Slow page loading can negatively impact many areas.

For one thing Google indexes

These pages lower. So that translates into the whole positioning. On the other hand such a site leaves a bad impression on users who are more likely to leave the site. What tools enable efficient image compression? Agency we support e-stores operating in many Mexico Telegram Data environments. We successfully us the module which was adapt to the platform. By taking the burden off of photos we also relieve administrators and store owners of this obligation. Why did we choose this module? This is because when configur correctly it will work completely automatically. However to start compressing photos you ne to generate and configure a key.

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Without the key we will not have

Access to the algorithms responsible for correct and optimal image USA Email List compression. basically any select group of photos products categories producers suppliers stores blogs other types of graphics any specifi folder or file locat on the server. Job automation is convenient for the usage it is bas on. This allows you to configure periodic photo compression for example once a week product photos add to the store by the system will be diet. An important feature of this feature is that photos once updat will not be compress again. We also have access to detail statistics on the activities perform by this module.

Online store systems collect an entire

Understanding consumer nes is key to success All sellers realize that there is no one-size-fits-all product. One product range cannot meet the nes of different customer groups. On the other hand there is no point in producing a product that is completely divorc from customer nes. Consumers shop for specific reasons they choose products that meet their nes. Therefore if you want to be successful in sales you ne to identify your customers’ nes. Only in this way can the seller adapt the product to the buyer’s individual nes. You must remember that satisfi customers often return to stores that meet their expectations. Existing Customer Analysis.

The easiest way to check

Your customer nes is to carefully verify the people who have Malaysia Telegram Data made purchases from your e-store so far.  pool of information about existing customers. Its owners are able to check not only what type of product consumers choose but also whether more people choose more expensive or cheaper models. Verification in this area will allow sellers to determine whether customers care about higher quality products or just specific items. Important knowlge about customer nes is also important in the choice of product delivery form. For example Choosing a more expensive but faster express delivery is a sign that customers care about shorter order fulfillment times.

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On the other hand people

Who opt for the possibility of collecting their parcels at cheaper parcel lockers or courier points may like the possibility of flexibly adapting the delivery to their daily schule it is Thailand Email List up to the customer to decide when he will collect his parcel. As you can see analyzing a database of existing customers can provide valuable information about the nes and expectations of your products and the standards of service provid by your store. Various tools that collect relevant data for example can be of great help in authenticating customers who visit your store.

Which format is suitable

Waiting for a line store to load and not being able to immiately browse the store or view offers can be annoying. Simply put this results in increas bounce rates. Seconds are still an extremely rare threshold. One of the key actions that should be taken is proper image management. They often determine how quickly a page loads. Google Page Spe after analyzing a website often shows that the biggest load on the site is photos. What are the most popular photo formats? Before we proce with compression it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the most popular photo formats on commercial websites and online stores Joint Photography Experts Group.

This is one of the most popular

Image formats on websites. Characteriz by their high quality Lebanon Telegram Data popular advantages include that they have a high level of rendering and allow for good compression. This set of formats includes the more modern variants that are often recommend. These are and. Portable Network Graphics but it’s impossible not to notice at least some differences. Advantages include no color restrictions and better compression characteristics. Let’s not forget that it has a channel which means it supports transparency. Images can be transparent partially transparent or completely opaque. Graphics Interchange Format A format that is long past the peak of its popularity but that doesn’t mean it’s completely forgotten today.

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The format supports transparency

Currently mainly us to create simple looping animations. for what? There are no clear criteria for choosing one format or another. However if you know the exact Taiwan Email List purpose of the file you can successfully choose the best option. If we want large photos product photos such as those receiv from suppliers or manufacturers to be lightweight and fast to load this format will be the best choice. Select if quality is important or we want to save diagrams logos illustrations in graphic form or require transparency.

This functionality can be implement

The same throughout the cart by completing each stage of the cart allowing tracking of cart abandonment stages. Currently the entire stage of shopping cart finalization has been unifi which makes it impossible to isolate the order stage using analytics tools. This solution significantly limits the profiling and remarketing possibilities. Verifying Permissions Many stages of store management verify permissions.The new version does not handle permissions issues in such a restrictive way which can lead to the risk of code errors data loss and general confusion. Wish List and Product Comparison The standard version doesn’t have the wish list and product comparison features that we all know and love from previous versions. This problem can of course be solv by installing additional modules.

Cart Preview Cart preview

The form of product thumbnails when you hover your mouse over the Laos Telegram Data cart icon is another feature missing from the app. using add-on modules. Advanc warehouse management functionality in Advanc Warehouse Management Advanc Warehouse Management is available for free as part of . The solution is remov from the system and transferr to the newly creat SME system. In addition the feature has receiv many additional features. The warehouse management system currently costs €. Overview There are very significant changes happening between versions of the platform software and this has a significant impact on owners store administrators and managers and end customers.

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These changes streamline

The code and improve readability intuitiveness. And security but Switzerland Email List at the same time limit the number of useful features implement in. The standard version of the platform. Is your online store running slow? Research conduct to understand how image compression improves this proves that two seconds is actually the acceptance threshold for e-commerce sites. This indicates user expectations. That was the year. To this day page loading spe remains an often-overlook factor that affects how users perceive a website.